The Violence by Officials to Punish Less Fortunate Citizens

 Saturday, May 30, 2015 9:20:25 AM

30 May, Tehran: two men were convicted to death and imprisonment at the court which chaired by five criminal judges on the charge of rape and murder.

The offensives Mohammad sentenced to capital punishment on the charge of murder by the Islamic Penal Code “Qisas” and Morteza convicted to 15 years imprisonment accused of involvement in committing the crime, according the rights group said.

Mohammad was sentenced to death in public through the ruling which issued by Chief of branch first of the Criminal Court of Zanjan Province and four counselors Naghi Lou, Pashaei, Seyedi and Moghadami, as the victim’s family lawyer declared.

It is the severest punishment that had been imposed by of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The execution will be carried out if the Supreme Court affirms the verdict.


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By: Kaveh Taheri