Iran: Five Imprisoned Political Activist Begun Hunger Strike in Support of Jafar Azimzadeh

 Monday, June 27, 2016 5:28:29 PM

By: Kaveh Taheri


A Tweet Storm Begins-- in an effort to release Iranian Worker Jafar Azimzadeh.


In the following of Jafar Azimzadeh's hunger strike, five political activists, who are kept at Ward 8 of Evin prison, has started hunger strike in support of Azimzadeh on June 27, 2016. The activists, Arash Sadeghi, Ali (Amir) Amirgholi, Behnam Moosivand, Ali Moezi and Vahid Sayadi, started hunger strike to express solidarity with the imprisoned labor activist today.

Azimzadeh started hunger strike since April 30, 2016, for his basic rights and is continuing it decisively, his relatives said. "I will not stop hunger strike till my nature rights to be met" he said despite his dire condition of hunger strike, whereupon, it left Azimzadeh unconscious for a few hours today. He's on the 61st day of hunger strike.

Jafar Azimzadeh, 50, was left unconscious for a few hours because of his dire condition of hunger strike in Sina Hospital of Tehran in the Morning of Monday, June 27, 2016. He was transferred to the hospital from the notorious Evin prison on the 51st day of his hunger strike on June 18, 2016.

Hereupon, Tehran's prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi told the wife of Jafar Azimzadeh, after accepting to meet, that "I will do nothing for Jafar Azimzadeh even if he dies."

The labor activist was sent to serve six years in prison, only for coordinating 40,000 signature campaign for the increase of the minimum-wage; with the slogan of "We want BREAD". 

These five political prisoners have roared for Jafar Azimzadeh while they were already sentenced to long-term imprisonment by Iran's regime on the vague charges as well as Azimzadeh.

Verdict Execution officers arrested Arash Sadeghi on June 7, 2016 and sent to the notorious Evin prison. Arash,30 went to Shahid Moghadasi court of Evin to get information on his sentencing status when he was arrested and sent to prison to serve a 19-year-term imprisonment, said his relative. He is being held at Ward 8 of the Evin prison amongst criminals imprisoned for serious offences such as pirates, thieves, embezzlement, fraud and forgery.

Arash Sadeghi, the Iranian student rights activist, was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment at Branch 15 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court chaired by infamous Judge Salavati, his wife Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee, 35, also sentenced to six years in prison. The bias Judge Salavati also brought back a 4 year suspended sentence against Arash Sadeghi which made the total penalty 19 years in prison. They were denied the rights to have a lawyer present while in trial.

Ali (Amir) Amirgholi, 33, the dismissed student of the Islamic Azad University of Ghazvin, was sentenced to 21 years in jail at Branch 15 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Tehran chaired by Judge Abolghasem Salavati.

Amirgholi, Son of Abbas, was arrested in the street by security forces under Branch 6 of Ghods Court warrant on December 1, 2014. Officials had taken him to his father's house and seized his personal belongings such as laptop, cell phone and the hard disc of his PC. He was finally transferred to Ward 8 after having about two months overwhelming investigation in the solitary confinement of Ward 209.

Branch 6 of the Evin court, chaired by Amin Naseri, had accused him of the vague charges of "assembly and collusion against national security", "blasphemy", "insulting the Supreme Leader of Iran", "propaganda against the regime of Iran". He suffers from Pancreas disorders, his relatives said.

 Behnam Moosivand, along with another activist Navid Kamran, was sentenced to 18 years in prison for vague charges of "propaganda, assembly and collusion against the regime of Iran" in the initial court. Behnam was previously sentenced to two years in prison at Branch 28 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court chaired by Judge Mohammad Mogheyseh. The appeals court lessened both sentences against Behnam which made the total penalty three years in prison.

Behnam, 29, was summoned to serve his imprisonment by Shahid Moghadas Court's warrant. He went to Evin prison to serve three years on June 13, 2016.

Ali Moezi was sentenced to five years in prison for alleged charges of "partnership with MEK Party".

Vahid Sayadi was arrested by the Iranian Cyber Police (FATA) officers sentenced to imprisonment for vague charges of "propaganda against the regime". He is kept at Ward 8 of Evin prison.


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