Iran: Prisonís Guards Raided at Ward of Rajai Shahr Prison

Thursday, July 9, 2015 10:41:48 AM

According to the news received by BCR Group; Rajai Shahr prison officials had allegedly attacked at Ward three and beaten the offensives who were in the prison yard during Ramadan at 11:00, Thursday 9 July 2015.
The guards brutally hit inmates during assault said prison monitoring headed by Amirian, Bagheri, Zolfali in the yard In the heat of over 40 į C as rights groups said.
One of the victims said to the BCR Group reporter that the wretched prisoners are even deprived of their basic rights such as cooling system in summer and heating in winter, medical care equipment, nutrition both quantity-quality, the minimum standard space for each prisoner, toilet service (toilet and shower).
Translated: Kaveh Taheri