Iran's Officials Arrested At Least 24 Workers in Ahwaz City

 Tuesday, June 14, 2016 5:46:40 PM

Iranian security forces arrested at least 24 workers during a peaceful protest in the city of Ahwaz. The contractual workers, who have been hired by District 4 of Ahwaz Municipality, had begun a rally against injustice and asked for their unpaid wages in front of the municipality's building, ILNA News Agency said.

At least 70 workers of District 4 of Ahwaz Municipality have not received their salary.

The name of some detainees are as follows:

1.      Mansour Torfi

2.      Taha Afrawi

3.      Kazem Afrawi

4.      Hassan Hayadar

5.      Hamid Hovish Mazraeh

6.      Kazem Mazraeh

7.      Mousa Sawari

8.      Ali Ahmadifar

9.      Adnan Mojaddam

10.  Hussein Mansouri

11.  Naser Dahimi

12.  Ali Bachieh

13.  Jasem Pourahmadi

14.  Abdul-Karim 'labi

15.  Seyed Adnan Mousavi

16.  Abdullah Soleymani

17.  Kazem Afri

18.  Hassan Mojaddam

19.  Jawad Sawari



By: Karim Dahimi, the Ahwazi Rights Activist