Iran's Regime Arrested Protesters in a Raid of Boldaji, a Man Died

 Thursday, July 21, 2016 5:55:17 PM

Clashes and arrests of protesters in Boldaji, photo credit by grassroots reports.

A conflict occurred when police forces intervened upon the demonstrators in the city of Boldaji, in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, grassroots reports said.


The conflict was over a construction project (Sefid-dasht steel industry) and transfer the water. A group of residents gathered near the wetland intended to prevent the start of pipe laying project to transfer water to be Sefid-dasht steel plant and the presence of anti-riot police officers caused conflict.


So far, officials have provided no detailed statistics of arrests, but witnesses have reported the arrest of at least 150 people. The detainees were reportedly beaten by officers in the attack.


The detainees were transferred to Shamazar City for a temporary trail, their relatives said. Finally, Iran's security forces released some of them and taken others to Shahr-e kord prison.

Reports indicate that demonstrators were beaten and injured by shotgun blast containing steel pellets fired by police.


Sadegh Naderi, son of Esfandiar, died as a result of severe torture after the arrest. Sadegh, who was 22 years old, was severely tortured bySadegh Naderi police officers and was transferred to a prison in the capital of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, Shahr-e Kord. He died due to injuries of torture when he was transferred to be hospitalized in Isfahan City. His body was buried in a highly security situation.


"When the city clergy neglected my people and our city, my small town paid a heavy price. When Friday prayer leader (Clergy) of the city signed the so-called development project, the masterpieces of imprudence of the former governor - Mr. Rajabali Sadeghi, at the expense of farmers in Boldaji was the final step to ruin the regional agriculture. Therefore, my noble and patient people raged and stormed the office of Friday prayer leader, to exhibit their hatred of the sinister triangle of gold, power and deception. Peace be upon their honour", one of those eyewitnesses told the BCR Group.


Videos sent to the rights Group regarding the clashes between the people and officers:

Translated: Kaveh Taheri