Iran: Two Civil Activists Convicted to 26 Years Prison

 Saturday, June 27, 2015 9:10:30 AM

The civil rights activists who were arrested on 4 Nov 2013, sentenced to unfair long term imprisonment.


Two Azerbaijani civil activists Hossein Ali Mohammadi and Taha Kermani were convicted to 26 years in prison in the separate decrees by Public and Revolutionary Courts in the city of Tabriz, the capital of East Azerbaijan Province according to the news received by the BCR Group in May 2015.

According to Gunz Tv, Hossein Ali Mohamamdi and Taha Kermani appeared before trial of branch 104 of the public court of Tabriz which reportedly leveled charges such as blasphemy and deviating the public thought against the above -mentioned defendants who consequently both were sentenced to ten years in prison.

They were reportedly sentenced to three years imprisonment with charged of propaganda against the regime and insulting to the Supreme Leader of Iran in 2014.

Thus each of these activists are sentenced to 13 years.

Hossein Ali Mohammadi have been arrested to serve his three years prison term and kept in central Tabriz prison since first March 2015.

According to the reports by rights group, the activists were detained by security forces in Tabriz city on 4 Nov 2013, and they released on the bail after having six months in the chambers.

These two civil activists had been brutally beaten and tortured by officials in the Intelligence Service detentions in Tabriz as rights groups said.


By: Kaveh Taheri