Iran: Two Prisoners are at Imminent Risk of Execution

 Saturday, August 8, 2015 10:32:52 AM

 Two Prisoners are at Imminent Risk of Execution"The death penalty is a symptom of a culture of violence, not a solution to it" quoted by Amnesty International.


Two inmates on death row in Central Mashhad prison are at imminent danger of being hanged after Iran's Criminal Court signed their death warrants promoting Human Rights organizations call for an immediate halt to the proceeding after reports the gallows are being made ready.

The Judiciary's Office in Razavi Khorasan Province announced that two offenders would be faced execution by gallows on the charge of rape in the earlier morning, 9 August 2015.

Offenders R.B son of Ali-Mohammad and A.N son of Mohammad were convicted to death penalty by gallows in public for rape and cooperating of kidnapping and the other crimes at Branch 5 in the Province Criminal Court that also confirmed by Branch 28 at the Supreme Court of Iran as well.

The capital punishment will take place around Hafez Square at the Seyedi Avenue entrance in the city of Mashhad as Judicial Officials declared, the execution would be carried out by gallows in public by the Iran's Judiciary officials at 9:00 A.M, Monday morning, 9 August 2015 as rights group said.

The death penalty is cruel, inhumane, and rights activists oppose the capital punishment "regardless of who is accused, the crime, guilt or innocence or methods of execution.

Iran's authorities execute their citizens including offenders, dissidents or who were under 18-year-old when the crime was committed, deny all international community protests and objecting the cruel punishment.

The death penalty is used as a legal punishment as an irrevocable and ultimate punishment under Iran's Islamic Penal Code. Denial of Human Rights, sentencing someone to death denies them the right to life. The risk of the punishment against an innocent person can never be eliminated and does not prevent crime.

"Countries who execute commonly cite the death penalty as a way to deter people from committing crime, this claim has been repeatedly discredited, and there is no evidence that the death penalty is any more effective in reducing crime than imprisonment", Amnesty International said.



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Calling on the Iranian authorities to halt the execution immediately and unconditionally.

Calling on them to ensure that the offenders are protected from torture and other ill-treatment, including prolonged solitary confinement, which violates the prohibition of torture and other ill-treatment.



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By: Kaveh Taheri