Iran: Unknown Condition of Mahabadi Detainees

Wednesday, July 8, 2015 9:08:48 AM 

Omid Dabaghchi Mokri, an Iranian computer engineering, along with other Mahabadi defendants have placed an in isolation and are not allowed any contact with their family and Attorneys since 7 May 2015.Their relatives have expressed concern about their loved one's unknown living conditions.


There are hardly any information about many citizens' whereabouts, who were arrested by Intelligence Service officials during the demonstration opposing Farinaz Khosrawani's suspicious death in Tara Hotel in the city of Mahabad.

Omid Dabaghchi Mokri, 32, is one of the detainees that his relatives concern about his situation as Rights groups said.

There were at about 18 plainclothes Intelligence Service officials arrested Omid at his house. The broke the Window to his and him taken to custody to unknown location.

Officials who had obtained no searched warrant ransacked the house and seized his personal belongings such as PC and handwriting according to the news received by BCR Group.

Iran's officials are does not claims no responsibility for his arrest .His family have frequently asked authorities about their loved one, whereas with no result or information since May of 2015. Some of the detainees were released on the bail or fines.

Another victim of the incident, Akam Tallaj, who injured by police direct shooting, died in Imam Khomeini hospital in the city of Urmia on Monday evening, 29 June 2015. He finally died after having 53 days scuffling in pain according to the news received by the Human Rights Defenders Association of Kurdistan.

He was taken from the hospital in Mahabad city to Urmia hospital because his health condition had been apparently decayed owing to severe infection.

Akam had twice been operated in the hospital, but he suffered from severe bleeding in his body because of 40 balls hitting.

We are asked preparing the funeral secretively as his father Jamal Tallaj said.

Akam, an Iranian student of the Azad University of Mahabad, was allegedly shot by Iran's police officials in front of Tara Hotel in Mahabad city on 7 May 2015.

Mahabad demonstration which had been reportedly begun protesting against Farinaz Khosravani's suspicious death in front of Tara Hotel on 7 May 2015, hundreds of the Mahabadi citizens injured which estimates more than 50 persons during the protest after dozens of police officers have located in the place of the protest in the city on Thursday.

The citizens had asked officials dooming Farinaz's murder perpetrators as rights groups said.

Farinaz, 26, has allegedly thrown herself from the window of third floor of the hotel in Mahabad city, whereas, the citizens believe that the chief of the hotel colluded along with a security officer to rape her on 4 May 2015.

She, a computer engineering, attempted to suicide due to her dignity as the citizens said.


By: Kaveh Taheri