Mehdi Khodaei Has Entered His Fifth Years of Detention

Sunday, March 8, 2015 10:47:29 AM

Mehdi Khodaei, a former secretary of the Islamic Association of the University of Rey and Human Rights activist, was arrested by Revolutionary Guards officials on 2 March 2010.

Mehdi was sentenced to three years imprisonment on the charge of propaganda against the regime and membership of HRAIRAN at 28 branch of Revolutionary Court which chaired by Judge Salavati on 22 August 2010.

He also had been arrested by Intelligence Service officials on July 2008, and he was sentenced to four years imprisonment on the charge of acting against national security through holding demonstration by Judge Mohammad Mogheyse at 15 branch of Revolutionary Court on Sept 2008, after having 38 days in the Islamic Republic chambers.

He overall had been convicted to seven years imprisonment due to the conviction in the courts that confirmed by Appeal Court on Dec 2010 according to the Human Rights activists reports.

“I have to stand on the behind of the prison’s wall to visit my son, though, I and the other revolutionaries had collapsed the iron doors of the prison in 1979. I forced to visit my son behind the prison doors after three decades of the tenure of the Islamic Republic of Iran” as his father told Jaras website.

Mehdi have written an educational book that called “Human Rights Atlas” with a long Omid Kokabi in Evin prison. Arman Shahr publisher published the book with the introduction by Abdolfattah Soltani, a Human Rights lawyer who had been imprisoned during the demonstration after the presidential election on 2009.

Furthermore, Mehdi had started a hunger strike with a long ten other prisoners in Evin after the tragic incident that known “Bloody Thursday” on 2014.

After all, Human Rights activists have carried a petition out that ask the head of Iran’s judiciary to perform the new Islamic Penal Code that affirmed in the Islamic parliament of Iran on 2013.

by: Kaveh Taheri