Mehrdad Aminvaziri Has Started a Hunger Strike

 Friday, January 2, 2015

Mehrdad Aminvaziri, labor activist publicly announced that he is going on hunger strike to protest his unlawful arrest by plain clothes security forces on 1 Jan 2015.

Mehrdad had been arrested by plain-clothes officers on 29 Dec 2014 at his workplace.

Accordingly, He was accused of political party activities and taking part in demonstrations in support of Kobani resistance. Recently, Mehrdad has been under constant pressure no to participating in such demonstrations.

Previously, this labor activist had summoned and was interrogated by Intelligence Service of Iran on 13 Dec 2014, after that he was released after two hours.

Mehrdad Aminvaziri, who formerly arrested and had been  32 days in Intelligence Service confinement, and had released on bail of 15 Million Tomans while He has been arrested and sentenced to 5 years probation by Revolutionary Court on 22 Oct 2011.

Source: Campaign In Defense of Civil & political Prisoners

Translated : Kaveh Taheri