Meysam Roodaki Is at Risk of Imminent Deportation

 Wednesday, March 18, 2015 12:46:03 PM

Meysam Roodaki, 34, who has spent more than three years in Turkey is at serious risk of imminent deportation, whereas, he had been imprisoned due to his activities in 2010.

The deportation letter has been submitted by Intelligence Police of Turkey on 17 March 2015. He is allegedly accused of the false charge of Disrupting public order in Turkey

His situation is suspended by UNHCR officials of Ankara and they ignored and turned blind eye to his situation.  He had been accepted as refugee by UNHCR of Ankara, but, he is on third country row since 2012.

Meysam had been kept in Evin prison on the charge of acting against national security and propaganda against the regime of Iran by Intelligence Service officials on 2010. He was frequently arrested by officials of the regime during 2006 till 2010.
Meysam had started the sit-in protest earlier morning in front of UNHCR office due to the negligence and suspension by UNHCR office of Ankara on 9 March 2015. Nevertheless, officials refused his demand despite all the justification documents.

He had been reportedly asked to attend in Intelligence Police office of Turkey to interrogate his case on 19th March that the situation could be deteriorated further.

It is worth noting that he is suffering from chronic migraine, severe pain in his leg and sciatic artery disorder.

Help us saving Meysam writing in your language the UNHCR office:

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