More than 22 Balochs Were Killed and Wounded, 2014-2015

 Sunday, March 22, 2015 2:00:58 PM

More than 22 Balochs citizens have been killed and wounded by Revolutionary Guards and police of Iran due to the security situation in Sistan and Balouchistan province since 2014 till at the moment according to the Baloch Activist Campaign�s reports received by the BCR Group.

A 40-years-old women, Seyed Bibi Rasoulizadeh, was ran over by police officials� car in Afshan Village of Saravan County and died due to her severe wound while she was transferred to the hospital on 18 July 2014.

Mohammad Shah bakhsh, 15, was gunned down by station NO.16 police gunfire in Zahedan city on 23 July 2014 that led him to die after ten days due to his severe wounds.

Milad Shah Bakhsh was killed by police officials� gunfire while he had ignored officials warning due to lack of driver license 7 August 2014.

 Abdullah Morad Zehi, a labor, was killed by the police crossfire when he had drove with along his wife and two-years-old child in the Zahedan-Khash road on 11 Sept 2014, moreover, the child and his wife was severely injured in the incident.

Two young Balochs was gunned down through the direct shooting to their car by officials of Dehpabid�s police station nearby Khash city, and they were burned and died while the car had been fired due to the shooting.

 Abdul-Nabi Jamal Zehi, an electricity office employee, was killed through the arbitrary shooting by police on 14 Sept 2014.

Gholam-Ghader Bahador Zehi was shot through a direct shooting by police that hit his throat and led him to die on 24 Sept 2014.

Abdullah Khakizadeh, 22, was killed by the flag officers� gunfire on 25 Oct 2014 that caused his death after 15 days special care in the hospital.

Mohammad Rigi was killed in Khash city due to the direct shooting to his head by patrolmen of station NO.11on 19 Nov 2014.

Two labors were injured after their car had been overturned due to the prickly bumps which constructed by police on 28 Nov 2014.

Hamid Barahouei was gunned down through direct shooting by police on 6 Dec 2014 while he had carried textile from his city, Chabahar, to Zahedan.

Farhad Rigi was gunned down through shooting to his head by officials of Bampoor station on 19 Dec 2014.

Moslem Dinar Zehi, a driver, was killed through direct shooting by Revolutionary Guards officials on 28 Jan 2015. Officials had claimed that the victim was suspected of fuel smuggling.

Rahim-Bakhsh Rigi, 30, was shot his head and died by commando police officials on 4 Feb 2015.

A 14-years-old teen and his brother, 20, were direct shot fired by Basiji officials in Jalegh city in Sistan and Baluchistan province of Iran.

Ziya-Alrahman Rigi and his brother, Zobeyr, were fired by officials of Basiji station while they were driving their vehicles that suspected of fuel smuggling on 5 Feb 2015. Ziya died because of his wound of two bullets, and his brother was injured in his leg.

They were continued on their way despite the shooting bullets from officials in the entrance of Jalegh city and officials in downtown had followed them. These two young Bloch citizens were finally trapped and volleyed fire in an alley that Ziya was shot to his mouth and head that led him to death as their uncle Haji Falak has acknowledged.

 Jasem Narmashiri was shot his head and died through shooting by police officials on 7 Feb 2015.

Rashed Pahandeh and his brother, Mohammad-Hassan Sangani, a Sunni distinguished cleric in the region were killed through gunfire by border troops on 14 March, and it is worth noting that the corpse was wrapped in a blanket and thrown behind a hill near by the region in Sangan village.

These are just part of the horrible massacre by the regime of Iran received by the Human Rights organizations that indicate the height of the disaster in the largest province in the southeast of Iran.

By: Kaveh Taheri