More Than One Third of Beggars in Iran Are Women

 Monday, July 13, 2015 2:36:34 PM

15 percent of homeless people and 37 percent of �beggars� in Iran are female. ISNA reported on 12 July 2015, Tehran Municipal has gathered atleast 250 beggars and transferred them to the Social Welfare till the end of 2014.

Habibullah Masoudi, deputy of Social Welfare Organization of Iran noted that children under the age of 18 should not enter municipal temporary accommodation centers according to law, he acknowledged that the Social Welfare Organization is responsible for sheltering and looking after  street children. He addressed the issue of homeless addicts and said: �Obvious Addicts, individuals for whom a presumption of chemical addiction is reasonable, will be referred to Anti-drug campaign to forcibly quit�.

In Aban 93, Reza Jahangirifar, vice president of development and social services welfare organization, services and social contributions of Tehran Municipality promised the construction of a center for homeless women of Tehran, called "warm houses", with a capacity of 150 people until last December.

Farzad Hoshyar Parsian, Managing director of welfare services and social contributions on 3 March 2015 announced the launch of the database of beggars� informations.

Nearly 70 percent of beggars and homeless in Tehran are not from Tehran.

During the last week several big cities including the cities of Tehran, Karaj, Qom, Zahedan, Isfahan joined the emergency plan "to collect beggars".

By: Kaveh Taheri