No Bench for an Elementary School in Iran

December 4, 2014

Shahid Jasem Asakereh elementary school doesn’t have bench and students must sit on the floor.

This only school is in Ghidari village in the outskirt of Falahiyeh city with 300 families and 2.100 populations.

Moreover, lack of educational equipment and teacher plus tuition staff are the problems that people of Ghidari are face.

Students in some villages of falahiyeh have difficulty of transportation.

Arab students suffered severe discrimination in the enjoyment of educational facilities, according to Chamran university research in 2010. Capita education usage is much low compared with the standard of urban master plan. 0.08 square meter educational facilities are per student in Zergan district and 0.16 square meters per student in Al Safi district. But there is two square meters per student in Ahwaz. Sports equipment is worse than educational near zero. 

Lack of schools or being away from villages, old or lack of roads all is among the reasons of the sharp drop education in rural regions of Ahwaz.

By:Karim Dahimi

Translated: Kaveh Taheri