One Dead and Two Injured in Clashes Between People and Security Forces in Behbahan, Iran

 Sunday, December 20, 2015 7:14:45 AM

According to the governor of Behbahan, during an armed conflict between the people of a village with police, one was killed, and two have been injured. According to the governor, the conflict was due to not involving the youths of that region in an industrial project.

Hossein Malek Khodaee, Behbahan's governor, confirmed the reports of armed conflict in the region, Mehr news agency quoted Khodaee on Wednesday 16 December, "yesterday evening, some rural residents of the city called Shahrooi attempt to close the road leading to the industrial units because the youth of the area were not involved (hired) in the project of constructing the gas refinery naming Bidboland 2."

Gas refinery "Bidboland 2" is under construction for the purpose of gas processing, production of ethane feedstock and the production of liquefied natural gas and gas liquids in Behbahan and it is expected to be ready in two years.

According to the governor of Behbahan, "demonstrators" opened fire on police forces that had entered the area "to open the way and solve the problem", and this lead to conflict.

The conflict, according to Malek Khodaee, caused one dead and two injured and "some of the perpetrators of the incident" had been arrested. He did not mention the identity of these people.

The news of this conflict was already published on social networks. The initial reports said that police had opened fire towards citizens.

Fars news agency quoted Mohammad Reza Es'haghi, Chief of Police of Khuzestan, wrote that the demonstrators closed the path from Behbahan to Ramhormoz and started the clashes with the police. "

He said that "some people at the rally," were shooting the police. Es'haghi said that in this conflict, "a villager was killed, and another was wounded."

Muharram mourning ceremonies coincided with the release of news of the shooting in Behbahan. The governor of Behbahan mentioned that the shooting was the result of "ethnic conflict"; but the prosecutor said the shooting was against the people who are mourning on "Ashura".


By: Kaveh Taheri