Overcrowded Iranís Prisons Are Four Times More Than It Designated Capacity

Friday, June 19, 2015 9:46:17 AM

Prisons of west Azerbaijan Province are massively overcrowded, housing four times the number of prisoners which they were designed to hold.


The Chief of Wes Azerbaijan Provinceís Justice said that the prisons in the area overcrowded, likewise there is no place for inmates in the corridors. The prisons have housed four times the number of inmates where they were designed to keep, Mr. Tavakol Heidari added.

He has expressed concern of the critical conditions in the prisons and said that we are trying to blot jails out, but the project has been faced many problems because of budget shortage and lack of appropriate place according to the governmental news agencies.

The chief declared the ward crowds is four times the number of the inmates which they were allocated to hold.


The Tragic Tale of the Other Prisons

Many reports have been received from prisons throughout Iran about the lack of adequate place, health care facilities, clean water, poor nutrition, and sanitation. These reports have been received from Karoon, Adel Abad, Bandar Abbas, Vakil Abad and many other prisons in Iran.


Adelabad Prison

The critical conditions of the prisoners reportedly deteriorated because of shortage place for the inmates, lack of facilities especially heating system as some of them are still deprived of receiving medical treatment in Adelabad prison according to the reports received by BCR Group.

The prisoners of conscience along with other inmates with general crimes are held in the prison.

There are more than 200 prisoners in ward Youth Green where cramped the offensives in the space less than 120 square meters.

Karoon Prison

The prison holds more inmates than its capacity and suffers from deplorable hygiene standards, and political prisoners inside the prison are mixed together with other types of prisoners who have committed crimes such as drug trafficking or murder, creating a very difficult environment for them as Payman Roshan Zamir, a political prisoner who spent one month of his six-month detention at Ward six of Karoon Prison in the city of Ahwaz, described the excruciating life in the Prison in an interview with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran.

By: Kaveh Taheri