Report of Addict’s Death in Drug Treatment Camps, Iran

 Sunday, January 18, 2015

Death in drug treatment camps is an oppressive and undeniable issue which causes death in Iran. Iranian addicts suffer from lack of facilities in the camps such as health treatment, quality of food, inhuman attitude of officials, etc.

Officials use inhuman methods to stop addicts doing drug in the camps that named temporary prison, as Human Rights activists and journalists have acknowledged.

A 21-years-old youth was tortured and killed by officials in a drug treatment camp on 2014. The officials had beaten and tortured him when he was trying to escape from the camp. They roped him to a tree and beat him brutally; then, one of the officials put a water hose in his mouth that gave cause to death.

Mr. Meysam, a young addict, was beaten while transferring to a drug treatment camp by officials. Meysam died because of torture and multiple blows of his head and body on 2014.

40 addicts died because of lack of health treatment during 2014 in one of the drug treatment camp.

53 addicts died due to dysentery and lack of health treatment in Shafaq drug treatment camp on 29 Dec 2013.

By:Kaveh Taheri