Respect the religious & spritual feelings of the people of all religions to strengthen interfaith harmony & peace everywhere -Saeed Khan Falahi

Wednesday, February 25

By:Azeem Hussain

On the occasion of official UN Week, World Interfaith Harmony

Week,2015 an event namely �Let�s bring all faiths together to foster global peace� (A Sarv Dharma Sadbhavna Divas) has been organized on 7th of February, 2015 at

Shahjahanpur, Uttar-Pradesh, India. In this event various beautiful programs including All religions prayer for interfaith harmony and global peace,  A public declaration of all community leaders to remain united with a spirit of mutual love, respect, coexistence, compassion & tolerance in order to foster peace & harmony,  concert for interfaith harmony, Interfaith harmony Lunch, Join heart & soul program and magic for peace have been performed successfully with active participation of general public in order to strengthen the spirit of interfaith harmony, mutual love, understanding, tolerance, acceptance and

coexistence among all human beings of different faiths and also to spread the message of UN World Interfaith Harmony Week to general masses in order to popularize the theme of WIHW among the people of all faiths. A mass gathering of the common people of different faiths mainly Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist & Christian were present on this occasion to promote interfaith harmony mutually.

Organizer of the event, renowned peace & human rights leader Saeed Khan Falahi knows this fact very well through his experience that the general & specially poor people of all faiths & religions are easily misguided, betrayed & misused by shrewd communal politicians & selfish clerics in the name of religion, cast system and other communal issues. And it is a matter of great regret that only these poor people suffer intensely in every communal violence. So Saeed Khan Falahi feels that the section of these poor people of every society must be made aware against the inherent evil conspiracy of spreading hate & intolerance among people of all faiths by some handful shrewd & selfish politicians & clerics. So he set his goal of life to foster interfaith harmony & peace in order to build a harmonious & peaceful world.


Several social, political and religious leaders, priests, activist, teachers, advocates, doctors, school children and women & girls were also present in this program and they appreciate Saeed Khan Falahi for organizing continuously such programs to promote interfaith harmony among people of all faiths.

In his address, Saeed khan falahi express his concerns over increasing religious

Intolerance & extremism in several parts of India & the world, and further he appealed all persons to live in peace and harmony following the common grounds of their religions to foster the spirit of mutual love, tolerance, acceptance and coexistence. He insisted the people of all faiths to respect the religious & spritual feelings of others in order to strengthen interfaith harmony everywhere. He further emphasized that we all must develop the values of humanity inside us as we all are human beings and  basically all of us originated from same source. Lastly,  Saeed Khan Falahi urged the authorities to take effective measures to ensure strong frame work of interfaith harmony among the people of all religions, faiths and beliefs for achieving a satisfactory growth of sustainable development.

The impact of this event reached millions of people from local to international through the means of mass communication. This event is being shared massively on various popular social media plateforms. Thus the impact of this event is reaching millions of people worldwide.

Lastly, Saeed Khan Falahi, expressed his sincere gratitude to the United Nations for declaring officially the first week of February every year as �World Interfaith Harmony Week� on the great initiation of H.M. King Abdullah || of Jordan.

It is necessary to mention that Mr. Saeed Khan Falahi is known worldwide for his actions for peace, interfaith harmony & human rights. Last year he received King Abdullah || World Interfaith Harmony Award, 2014 second prize from the  King of Jordan. He is first Indian to receive this prestigious award.