Serious Outbreak of Clothes Lice at Rajai Shahr Prison of Karaj

Sunday, December 21, 2014

The inmates of Rajai Shahr prison have voiced their disgust at the lack of cleanliness and the infestation of lice in their clothes while officials at the prison disregard their complaints.

Prisoners must wear the official prison clothes while being transferred to court or the other appointments outside of the prison. The clothes supplied are filthy dirty, lice-infested and not appropriate to be worn.

 According to reports, the clothes are washed every few months, and there are no clothes tree's or laundry lines available to hang the clothes properly to dry.  The clothes are spread out on the ground to dry were they are contaminated by the lice.

The infestation of lice in the clothes is a health hazard, as they are known transmitters of disease.  Prison officials, on the pretext of changing clothes, make inmates publicly strip to be inspected for prohibited Items. 

The inmates complain that this procedure is embarrassing to them, and it is considered by them as inhumane behavior, by prison staff.  Guards insult the prisoners in during the inspection and will beat the inmates if they complain.

It should be noted that judicial authorities and officials have not accepted prisoner complaints in this regard, and no steps have been taken to improve the unsanitary conditions within Rajai Shahr Prison.

 Many reports have been received from prisons throughout Iran about the lack of health care facilities, clean water, poor nutrition, and sanitation. These reports have been received from Karoon, Adel Abad, Bandar Abbas, Vakil Abad and many other prisons in Iran.

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control, body lice are known to spread disease, especially in confined quarters such as prisons and institutions.

by: Kaveh Taheri