Shahram Ahmadi's Life is in Danger!

 Thursday, April 28, 2016 1:33:40 PM

Shahram Ahmadi, political prisoner in Iran's Rajaie Shahr Prison is serving his 8th year of imprisonment as he is suffering from the pain of his only kidney and he is not allowed to be sent to a hospital out of prison. It is worth noting that one of his kidneys was shot by security forces during his arrest and was taken out in a hospital along a part of his intestine.

 Ahmadi has served seven years in prison and was not allowed for leave even for a single day. He has been deprived of the basic rights of prisoners such as visit and phone call. During his arrest, it wasn't only being shot, he was also beaten by security forces and his nose was broken.

 In October 3, 2011, Judge Moghiseh at Branch 28 of Tehran's Revolutionary Court, re-sentenced him to death after the Supreme Court overturned the verdict. In March 2016, Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General, expressed his concern about the condition of Sunni prisoners in Iran, in his last report about the violations of Human Rights in Iran, and specifically named Shahram Ahmadi.


It is worth mentioning Ahmadi was sentenced to death based on Article 138 of Iranian Penal Code. But this Article has been omitted in the last edition and his death sentence must be cancelled naturally.


We demand [Iranian government] to stop the death sentence of Shahram Ahmadi according to his life-threatening health condition and the omission of the mentioned Article in penal code.


At the end it should be reminded, Shahram Ahmadi's younger brother, Bahram Ahmadi, was arrested in the same year of his arrest. For putting Shahram under more pressure, his brother was executed on 27 December 2012 in Ghezelhesar Prison as he was under 18 at the time of arrest.

Translated by: Mustafa Rahmani