The non-ending prosecution of Ahwazi Arab civilians intensified by the occupying security forces

 Tuesday, March 17, 2015 7:02:58 PM

Iran’s security forces have launched massive arrest of Ahwazi Arab fans who dressed up their local Arabic clothes known “Deshdasheh” on 17 March 2015.

The mass arrest has occurred during the match between Foulad FC and Al-Hilal (Saudi Arabia) FC, which estimated more than 1000 fans in Ahwaz city.

Thousands of Arab Ahwazi fans have reportedly ignited a popular demonstration to protest against illegal mass arrest, ethnic discrimination and comprehensive and systematic oppression by Iranian regime. The flame of protest embarked on all around the Al-Qadir football stadium at the last moments of the evening on Tuesday.

Three citizens had been gunned down, and at least 90 Ahwazi fans wounded aftermath severe brutal clashes by armed anti-riot guards according to Arab activists’ reports.

Ahwazis have chanted fiery slogans as “WE Die For THE SAKE OF AL-Ahwaz defying regime forces.

It is worth noting that an Arab citizen, 34, had committed self-immolation due to the confiscation of his grocery kiosk by the mayor officials in front of the municipality office in Khoramshahr city.

Younes Asakereh, who has two children, has been transferred to Taleghani hospital and kept in the special care, whereas, the authorities have tried to prevent any gathering in front of municipality office in Khoramshahr city according to Dahimi’s report received by the BCR Group.

Younes, 92% burns, was transferred by aircraft to one of the hospitals in the capital of Iran at their own cost. Furthermore, He is apparently not in good physical condition and suffers from heart disorders.

By: Kaveh Taheri