Three Prisoners Were Executed in Central Urmia Prison

 Friday, February 20, 2015

Three Kurdish prisoners including Ali Afshari, Habibollah Afshari and Saman Naseem were allegedly executed by gallows.  

Saman Naseem, a Kurdish political prisoner, was executed in Central Urmia prison early morning on 19 Feb 2015.

“Intelligence Service officials had informed and asked us to take over personal belongings of Saman from the prison” his family said. His sentence carried out in the presence of public and Revolutionary persecutor by Intelligence Service officers according to Human Rights reports.

Saman was hanged on the gallows while all protests have had campaigned by international human rights organizations.

“Saman was hanged-out and we are providing funeral” as Rasoulpour, journalist, have inserted on his page.

Saman’s family reportedly would not tend to publish the news of the execution, because they are panicked to publish information of Saman after officials of the regime severely threatened them.

Amnesty International have had issued a statement that Saman is at risk of being tortured or secretly executed while Iranian officials had not response for his fate and whereabouts, 19 Feb 2015.

Saman Naseem had been arrested and sentenced to death on charge of “enmity against God” and “corruption on earth” because of his alleged membership of PJAK in a grossly unfair trial by the Criminal Court in Mahabad on April 2013.

He was also one of the hunger strikers in Central Urmia prison on 20 Nov 2014 to protest against non-political ward in the prison which ended after 33 days.

The other Kurdish prisoners, Ali Afshari and his brother, Habibollah, were put to death by gallows that has been confirmed by officials’ phone call with offender relatives.

Officials had apparently threatened and forced to non-controversy funeral holding according to the reports.

The corpses have not delivered their families as of yet, and there is no information about time and place of the execution.

Ali along with his brother, Habibollah, were arrested by Revolutionary Guards officials on 2010 in Mahabad and Bookan County, West Azerbaijan Province of Iran.

They had been convicted to death in Revolutionary Court of Mahabad on charge of Moharebeh after all persecution and torture__both physically-psychologically during 75 days interrogation in the detentions of Intelligence Service.

By:Kaveh Taheri