Two Afghan Activists Are at Risk of Deportation from Sweden

 Thursday, February 26, 2015

Assadollah Samet, 65, and his daughter, Sahar, were arrested and taken to a temporary detention to deport them from Sweden.

Assadollah Samet, a political activist who is well-known in the protest against terrorism, was forced to escape his homeland to live in a safe region about three years ago.

Swedish Immigration Court rejected the asylum-seeking of Assadollah and his daughter, notwithstanding all the evident documents have proved that their life would be at seriously risk if they were given back to their country. They would face any horrible risk if they were returned back to Afghanistan for whatever reason by Swedish government.

Sahar Samet, 27, an Afghan reporter and women rights activist, have inform news agencies that Swedish police arrested them at 19:00 P.M on 24 Feb 2015, without any prior notice, while they have had an appointment of their case on 25 Feb.

They have been reportedly taken to Kållered camp, in Gothenburg. Police officials have seized their personal belongings as laptop and cell phone. There is no any more information and officials have not declared the deportation date.

“The illegal deportation is obviously breaching the 1951 Refugee Convention and 1967 Protocol that more than 120 countries have already joined it” as Human Rights activists have declared about Sahar and his father situation.

“It is hard to believe many countries in European Union which have signed the UN treaty are breaking their commitment since many asylum-seekers are in verge of deportation from European countries as Sweden, Norway despite of meeting the UNHCR Standards” a prominent Human Rights activist have stated.

He also added that Western governments are responsible for any horrible incident after refugees’ deportation.

He also noted that Afghanistan have assigned the highest ranking of the violations against journalists and activists, so that, officials of Ney in Balkh have acknowledged that last year was the bloodiest year for journalists. The report has pointed that violations against journalists has increased 64 percent over the previous year (2013).

Eight killing, nine wounding, 38 cases beating and 50 cases blackmail and insulting have occurred during 2014 as Noor Agha Sharifi, chief of Ney, has been said.

By: Kaveh Taheri