Two Christian Citizens Were Released

A pastor and Christian activist were freed after being acquitted.

According to report; Pastor Seyed Abdolreza Ali Haghshenas (Matthias Haghshenas) and Deacon Reza Rabbani (Silas Rabbani) were acquitted and released on 14 Dec 2014.

Reza Rabbani who is known as Silas had been arrested by Intelligence Agency’s attack in his house on 5 May 2014.

Seyed Abdolreza Ali Haghshenas who is known as Matthias had been also detained in Bandar Anzali on 5 July 2014.

They were kept in Central Penitentiary of Karaj.

Matthias and Silas had been sentenced to 6 years imprisonment and exile to Minab prison but the appeal court acquitted them.

To be noted, Soroosh Saraii and Mohammed Roghangir have been arrested in Haghshenas house too.

Source: V.O.C.IR
Translated : Kaveh Taheri