Vahid Asghari Was Sentenced to 18 Years Imprisonment

 Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Vahid Asghari, 28, was arrested by three operating teams on 8 May 2008 when he was leaving Iran. Vahid, an information technology student, was accused of the false charge of drug trafficking another d kidnapped on the way to the airport in Eskandari Avenue.  

This human rights activist was transferred to 2-Alef ward of Evin, and his information has not been registered in the prison.

He was sentenced twice to the death penalty at 15 branch of the Revolutionary Court which chaired by Abolghassem Salavati on 2011-2012, but his verdicts were canceled by the Supreme Court of Iran.

He was finally sentenced to 18 years imprisonment at 28 branch of the Revolutionary Court by Mohammad Moghayese for allegedly Mofsed-E-filarz, Blasphemy and passport forgery on 7 Dec 2014.

He was totally accused of propaganda against the regime of Iran, roorback, management of Shabtaz Human Rights news agency, news website creating against the regime, supporting anti-religion websites, financial and technical supporting of anti-regime websites, creating a national plan against censorship by the government, communication and technical assistance of Persian B.B.C, administrator ship of more than 200 opposition’s websites, establishing the international campaign of the development of gender equality through communication with HRANA and on-line training for Color Revolution in Iran.

It is worth noting; Vahid Asghari was beaten and forced to sign the letter of public defender Vahid also has been deprived the rights of meeting with his family in the past five years.

This report has been sent to the following organizations:

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

The UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights

Amnesty International

By: Laleh Moazenzadeh

Translated: Kaveh Taheri