666 Drug Addicts Died in the First Quarter of This Year in Iran

 Thursday, July 30, 2015 11:57:29 AM

On 30 July 2015, Tehran: At least 666 addicts died as a result of misusing drugs in the first quarter of Iranian year regarding Iran's Forensics reports.

According to the news, about 347 individuals suffered acute poisoning, 220 individuals from suffered long-term efficacy and 99 others, who died because of Psychoactive Drugs consumption, were among the number of victims, according to the Public Relations Forensics report quoted by Fars News Agency.

The death statistics of drug consumers faced growth of 5% in the country, whereas, the number of the death toll was about 623 individuals in the same period last year, based on the report.

Moreover, officials noted that 596 individuals were men and 70 others women in the first quarter of this year. They added that Tehran, Razavi Khorasan and Isfahan provinces respectively allocated the highest ranking of drug consumers� death with the numbers 186, 90 and 48 of dying.

At least 214 men and 23 women died because of drugs misusing in May-June, 2015.

However, the number of drug consumers� death faced downtrend 2007-2014, but it faced an increasing trend since last year.

Last year, reports cited that growth of addiction among youth that are under 18-year-old doubled in Iran in the last ten years.

The Director of Research and Education at the headquarters of the Drug Enforcement Iran Hamid Sarrami, in December 2014, reasoned by results of studies in �causes of drug consumption� and said that the prevalence of addiction among youth (under ages) was 100% during 2002-2012.

Iran�s Interior Minister in a closed meeting of parliament in 2014 concerned about addiction and said �there are hundreds of thousands of Street addicts� and one million and 400 thousand children are seriously at risk of addiction.

Abdul-Reza Rahmani Fazli added Crystal-Meth (crystal methamphetamine) usage climbed from 4% to 22% in just two years.

He cited at least 1% of students are addicted or experienced in, said more than two thousand and 826 drug trafficker gangs identified and destructed in the cities of Tehran and Karaj in 2013-12014 and at least 395 laboratories so-called Kitchen seized.

On the other hand, Iranian addicts suffer from lack of facilities in the camps such as health treatment, quality of food, inhuman attitude of officials, etc.

Officials use inhuman methods to stop addicts doing drug in the camps that named temporary prison, as Human Rights activists and journalists have acknowledged.


By: Kaveh Taheri