A Hunger Strike Was Started against the Inequitable Decision of the Regime of Iran

 Tuesday, March 3, 2015 9:12:12 AM

Six prisoners who were thrown to an unknown place of execution have started a hunger strike with a long the other Sunni Kurd prisoners in Rajai Shahr prison.

These prisoners have reportedly announced that we will continue the hunger strike till the execution to be canceled.

The hunger strike was started by the inmates which estimate 77 prisoners joined due to protest against the unfair decision of the regime.

According to the fact reports which are received by the BCR Group; 77 Sunni Kurd prisoners are kept in Rajai Shahr prison that most of them are unknown because the relatives of some of them are panicked to publish news of their imprisoned children after they were severely threatened by officials of the regime.

They overall have been convicted to prison terms which estimate from five to thirty-three year, except 39 of them who were sentenced to death.

These 39 inmates were severely tortured and threatened through pressure of their families that forced them to confess the false charge against themselves. 

Mock execution, hanging from ceiling that lead them to break their shoulder, lethal medicine injection, hangs up weight to the testis, keeping in cold weather, threats of rape, severe lashes on the bed, beating by shocker, beating to the sensitive organs (head, cerebellum, neck, spine, stomach, shin, knee and back of knee) and long-term imprisonment in solitary confinement. These are all the enduring excruciating that led them to be sentenced.

By:Kaveh Taheri