A Young Citizen Beaten to Death in Police Station

 Thursday, July 7, 2016 11:38:27 AM

Tehran, July 6: Nader Dastanpoor died as a result of severe beating (tortures) including internal brain bleeding during his arrest in 127 Police Detention (Narmak), HRANA said. Police officers turned a blind eye to Nader's deteriorating health and refused hospitalization. Nader died on June 23, 2016, a day after his arrest.

"Police officers broke the door in a raid at Nader's family house", one of his relatives told the rights group. Officers beat the family with the use of tear gas.

Nader and his brother were taken at Judicial Comlex of Tehran a day after the arrest. The judge extended their temporary detention despite Nader's critical condition.

Nader died in custody, and his dead body was kept at Kahrizak Morgue. Finally, his body was buried after five days.

The family still has not been informed of the reasons for the attack at their house, beating and arrest. The officers allegedly attacked at the house without any court warrant.