An Afghan Citizen Jailed for Insulting the Iran's Supreme Leader

 Wednesday, July 29, 2015 3:33:21 PM

Saifullah Noori, A young Afghan man, who was detained on the charge for insulting the Supreme Leader and the Islamic Republic's founder of Iran, taken to Ward eight of the Evin prison.

Mr. Noori, born 1994, it is said that he is a cyber-activist and social net-worker, has spent most of his life in Iran, although he holds Afghanistan's citizenship as HRANA reported, 28 July 2015.

Hereof, Mr. Kaveh Taheri, an Iranian Human Rights journalist, who based in Turkey said to BCR group reporter that Iran has provided refuge to over one million Afghan citizens and are identified as refugees by Iran's officials.

He added, Afghan citizens are deprived of education and any training in Iranian schools and universities due to lack of the identification even the ones whose mother is Iranian. They are also forbidden to enter pools and recreational parks in cities.

"Afghans have not the ownership rights to buy property, they cannot even buy mobile sims. This issue has been referred in Article 17 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights."

Mr. Taheri also expressed concerns about excruciating Afghan refugees' life in the country and remarked " Intelligence Division of Iran's National Police Force catches innocent Afghan citizens to force them to undertake charges as murder, armed robbery, and drug trafficking when there are no clues. The Afghan inmates are severely tortured with brutal methods to make them confess."

They could not be hospitalized in some metropolitan cities, and they are not allowed to own cards or get driving licenses.

Authorities have reportedly urged Afghans to join the Syria's civil war with the promise of the right of residence.

Afghans are insulted with offensive words by Iranian citizens who are being instigated by officials. This word has become a mark of contempt as some Iranian citizens use the Afghan word as a curse to each other.


The Human Rights activist acknowledged human rights violations in Iran are going on unabated, notwithstanding, international community has been pressing Iran's regime to end its repressive practices. He said the regime's murder machine boggled just a few hours after Iran's nuke agreement and capital punishments inaugurated despite international Human Rights communication's pressure.

By: Laleh Moazenzadeh