Critical Condition of Baha’I Citizens Is Being Continued

Attaollah Rezwani, Mehran Afshar and Behzad RastyFriday, February 20, 2015

Kalim Jahandari, a Baha’I citizen who is currently living in Bandar Abbas, was threatened and beaten through gun by anonymous individuals on 14 Feb 2015. 

He was blindfolded and taken to an unknown place to hurt him, after that, they threatened him that more pressure could be expected if propaganda of his fate be continued.

Unidentified assailants are reportedly aware of Baha’I citizens’ information in Bandar Abbas that suspected they related with Intelligence Service agencies.

They have claimed that Attaollah Rezwani, a former executive of Baha’I community, was killed by them through bullet shooting in Bandar Abbas. The other Baha’I executives, Mehran Afshar and Behzad Rasty, will be killed on time as they have been already informed.

The Iranian Baha’Is have been under severe pressure historically by Muslim clergy efforts, but by the same token, critical condition of Baha’is disciples have increased since the Islamic revolution on 1979.

“They have regularly had their homes ransacked or have been banned from attending university or from holding government jobs, and several hundred have received prison sentences for their religious beliefs, most recently for participating in study circles”.

Adnan Rahmat Panah, a young Baha’I citizen, was insulted as quoting “you are untouchable because you are not Muslims” by Mahmoud Sadati, the chief judge of the Revolutionary Court in Shiraz, Fars province.

He was arrested on the charge of propaganda against the regime of Iran on 12 Dec 2012. Adnan was kept at ward Youth Green in Adelabad of Shiraz city alongside more than 200 prisoners who cramped in the space less than 120 square meters.

Translated: Kaveh Taheri