Medical Release of Adnan Rahmatpanah Was Extended

 Saturday, January 3, 2015

Adnan Rahmatpanah, Baha’I citizen, has come for health treatment after all the officials of the prisons negligence that he has undergone.

Adnan caught a cold while he was serving his remaining time of the imprisonment term.

Eventually, the officials affirmed his medical release for five days on 24 Dec 2014. And his healing release was extended for another ten days because some medical specialists accepted that he needed more rest to recovery.

According to the reports, Youth Green ward which Adnan was kept in, is under the worst conditions for prisoners. Human rights activists have reported about excruciating conditions for the prisoners such as lack of toilets, showers and health treatment and there is no adequate space for detainees.

The Youth Green ward approximately has 18 rooms; these rooms are about 20 square meters for 250 prisoners. There is just one heater for the whole ward which is not sufficient to warming it up. 12 toilets and two showers and some of them are often broken and no hot water for taking showers for entities. Water quite often is shut off in the ward and prisoners buckle affliction, and they are unable to have initial daily life facilities.

Impalpable drug consumption and gambling are the other misrules in the Youth Green ward which exist in the other wards as well as a former political prisoner in Adel Abad already reported. It is named “wild-life” by prisoners.

Telephone card deals overprice on the improper distribution. It deals most of the time at twice the price.

All these problems make them aggressive and conflicts have intensified   between prisoners.  These conflicts are mainly caused of wounded prisoners that they have transferred to the hospital.

In the Youth Green ward, the prisoners are allowed outside to the yard prison for 20-30 minutes every 2 or 3 weeks monthly.

Medical specialists allow illness prisoners while at least 15 prisoners ready and need a checkup.

All of the prisoners in the Youth Green ward are young and about 18 to 27 years old including the crimes such as murder, street fighting, rape, robbery,  picking, forgery, addiction and drug trafficking.

By: Kaveh Taheri