Critical condition of Farbod Yazdani, 17, Baha’I Citizen in Prison

 Wednesday, December 17, 2014

According to reliable sources, health condition of Farbod Yazdani, a Bahai citizen prisoner is severely unstable.

He was sentenced to one year in Prison after being accused of calling people for participating in water pistol fight in Be’sat Park in Shiraz.

17-year-old, Farbod comes from very poor family. And his poor relatives have deeply expressed their concern on Farbod after he was repeatedly harassed and abused by bullying prisoners in Youth Green ward of Adel-Abad prison in Shiraz city.

 It is reported that Mahmoud Sadati, the biased head of the Revolutionary Court in Shiraz has disgracefully offended Farbod for being as Bahai citizen.

The judge told Farbod’s Family that their son's sentence will commute if they do not submit an objection against the issued verdict, but up to now his sentence has not yet been reduced.

by:Kaveh Taheri