Detailed Report of 33 Prisoners of Mahabad Prison, Iran

Friday, January 16, 2015

More than a century for 33 prisoners in Mahabad

33 prisoners of Mahabad were totally sentenced to more than a century imprisonment.

Here are the names of the inmates in Central Mahabad prison as follows:

1-    Omar Shakkak (3.5 years  imprisonment)

2-    Rahim Rash (Eight months  imprisonment)

3-    Himen Hosein Zadeh (Nine months  imprisonment)

4-    Daryuosh Abdolahian (Nine months  imprisonment)

5-    Mokhtar Ebrahimi (Three months  imprisonment, Arrested on charge of being Pan-Turk)

6-    Javad Sood Bar (Three months  imprisonment)

7-    Habib Fayaz Azar (Three months  imprisonment)

8-    Yousef Mokhtari (Three months  imprisonment)

9-    Omar Pirnia (Six  years  imprisonment)

10- Mostafa Faghih (Four years imprisonment)

11- Faroogh Saman (Five years imprisonment)

12- Khaled Ghaderi Pour (Two years imprisonment)

13- Abdolrahman Ramezan Pour (Five years imprisonment)

14- Osman Sharif Zadeh (15 months imprisonment)

15- Himen Al Gazal (18 months imprisonment)

16- Molla Mohammad Modaresi (suspended)

17- Ebrahim Gadir Far (Five years imprisonment)

18- Armin Zarin Pour (Three years and 8 month imprisonment)

19- Siavash Esmaeil Aghdam (Three months imprisonment)

20- Hosein Mostafa Pour (Five years imprisonment)

21- Siamand Kaveh (Six months imprisonment)

22- Mohammad Sedigh Mangoori (suspended)

23- Shahab Alizadeh (Three months and one day imprisonment)

24- Mohammad Abdollah Zadeh (28 months imprisonment)

25- Masoud Kord pour (Three years imprisonment)

26- Yousef Ab Kharabat (Two years imprisonment)

27- Vahid Seyedeh  (Two years imprisonment)

28- Kaveh Saleki (Four years imprisonment)

29- Loghman Saleki  (Four years imprisonment)

30- Younes Rasool Varyaei (Four years imprisonment)

 31- Omar Monji Raad (10 years imprisonment)

32- Jamal Ghader Nejad (Five years imprisonment)

33- Mansoor Arvand (life imprisonment)


Five of the prisoners including  Mostafa Faghih, 50, and Rahim Rsh, 70, are severely sick, and they need immediate surgery. According the IRI law; prisoners, who are more than 50 years old, can apply for health treatment at their own expense.

The prisoners have frequently objected to their horrible situation in the Mahabad prison as transferring to solitary confinement, inhuman attitude of prison officials against themselves and their family, mixed wards along criminal inmates, exile, humiliating attitude, insulting to prisoners by officials, deprivation of the rights of access to lawyer, lack of the health treatment, poor quality  of food and water, lack of hygiene and cleanliness in the wards and unreasonable punishment.

It should be noted; prison guards had maneuvered about two hours in order to empower the vigor to prevent the probable chaos in the prison on 12 Jan 2015 as colonel Najafi, supervisor of the prison guard, declared.

In this regard, Human Rights activists have concerned about the consequences of this exercise and they do believe that this maneuver is probably linked to the recent Urmia prisoner�s hunger strike. This military exercise is to avoiding any probable disarray in Mahabad prison, Human Rights activists have acknowledged.

Source: Campaign In Defense of Civil & political Prisoners

Translated: Kaveh Taheri