Excruciating Condition of Adnan Rahmat Panah in Prison

 Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Adnan, a Baha'I citizen, caught a cold few days ago and his physical condition allegedly deteriorated due to poor conditions, especially the heating system and he is still being deprived of medical care.

Adnan's ears have also become infected and the officials of the prison demanded that his family to pay 20.000 Tomans (about 7 dollars) for an examination by a special doctor.

His medical release was ignored by Intelligence Agency of Iran, despite the fact that his doctor and the court had already accepted the he needs medical attention.

Additionally, it was reported that the water has been shut off in Youth Green ward of Adel-Abad prison, in Shiraz city, from Friday to Monday. Prisoners also complained of receiver smaller quantities of food and that they must buy additional foodstuffs from the store of prison, where the merchant often charges them greatly inflated prices.

By: Kaveh Taheri