Iran: 27 Imprisoned Sunnis Are at Imminent Risk of Execution in Rajai Shahr Prison

Sunday, May 1, 2016 5:32:25 AM

Rajai Shahr prisonThe head of Ward four of the notorious Rajai Shahr prison stopped by Hall Ten to tell the imprisoned Sunnis that their verdict of capital punishment has been referred to Verdict Execution Unit for possible execution. "Write pardon letter if you like, I don't want to feel guilty later", Mr. Shojai told them on April 30, 2016.

The Sunni prisoners were sentenced to death on the vague charges of "propaganda against the regime of Iran", "membership in Salafist groups", "corrupt of the earth (Mofsed-e-filarz)" and "Moharebeh (enmity against god)" by Islamic Republic's Judiciary.

According to the news, the prisoners were mostly detained by Intelligence Service officials in 2009-2011. They were reportedly deprived of the rights of a lawyer and of visiting their families, HRANA said.

These 27 Sunni prisoners also are allegedly accused of acting against national security through preaching in public places such as mosques and universities, participating in religious meetings, distributing religious books and CDs, religious holiday's praying, funding religious ceremonies and training of seminary courses; they have undergone persecution and severe torture both physically and psychologically.

In addition, Six Sunni Kurd prisoners who had been taken to an unknown location before the execution were hanged earlier morning on 4 March 2015.

Torture, beating, mock execution and brutal interrogation are the norms against Sunni Kurd prisoners, most of them are unknown due to weak media and Human Rights organizations.

They have had extremely painful experiences in prison - both psychologically and physically during interrogation by torturers.

The captives are thrown into solitary confinement and horrific interrogation rooms, where the goal is inquisition through inhuman and cruel methods. The condition of prisoners is alarming and worrying as reports have acknowledged.

They are brutally tortured and threatened through pressure on their families, hangings from a ceiling that lead them to break their shoulders, lethal medicine injection, hanging up weight to the testis, keeping in cold weather, threats of rape, severe lashes on the bed, beating by shocker, beating to the sensitive organs (head, cerebellum, neck, spine, stomach, shin, knee, back of knee), mock execution and long term imprisonment in solitary confinement, Boroujerdi Civil Rights Group has learned.


The name of detainees are as follows:

1.     Kaveh Veysi

2.     Behrouz Shahnazari

3.     Teleb Maleki

4.     Shahram Ahmadi

5.     Kaveh Sharifi

6.     Arash Sharifi

7.     Vorya Ghaderifard

8.     Keywan Momenifard

9.     Barzan Nasrollahzadeh

10.   Alam Barmashti

11.   Pourya Mohammadi

12.  Ahmad Nasiri

13.  Edris Nemati

14.  Farzad Honarjou

15.  Seyed Shahou Ebrahimi

16.  Mohammad-Yavar Ebrahimi

17.  Bahman Rahimi

18.  Mokhtar Rahimi

19.  Mohammad Gharibi

20.  Farshid Naseri

21.  Mohammad-Keywan Karimi

22.  Amjad Salehi

23.  Omid Peyvand

24.  Ali Mojahedi

25.  Hekmat Sharifi

26.  Omar Abdollahi

27.   Omid Mahmoudi