Six Sunni Kurd Prisoners Were Executed

 Wednesday, March 4, 2015 5:12:19 AM

Six Sunni Kurd prisoners who had been taken to an unknown location yesterday were hanged earlier morning on 4 March 2015.

The six prisoners, Hamed Ahmadi, Kamal Mollaei, Hadi Husseini, Sedigh Mohamadi, Jamshid Dehghani and Jahangir Dehghani had started a hunger strike to protest against the inequitable decision by the regime of Iran when transferred to an unknown location of execution. Other Sunni Kurd prisoners also had started a hunger strike to protest the six prisoners who could be expected to be hanged.

They were sentenced to death on the charge of Moharebeh, acting against national security and propaganda against the regime of Iran at 28 branch of Revolutionary court which chaired by Judge Mohammad Mogheyse on 2009.

According to the Human Rights reports; they were accused of the false charge murdering a senior Sunni cleric with links to the Iranian authorities through the severe torture during enduring excruciating months in Islamic Republic chambers.

However, their activities was reportedly linked to cultural-religious affairs such as preaching in public places such as mosques and universities, participating in religious (Sunni) meeting, distribution religious books and CDs, religious holiday’s prayer, funding religious ceremonies and training of seminarian courses.

They had been kept in Rajai Shahr prison before the execution with a long the other Sunni Kurd prisoners who estimate to be more than 70 inmates. The six prisoners who were executed had been on the death row with a long 27 others Sunni Muslim prisoners in the prison.

However, Amnesty International have issued a statement that the six prisoners could be just hours away from being hanged. “The Iranian authorities have for too long toyed with the lives of these prisoners, causing them and their families unimaginable anguish with multiple mock executions and executions stayed at the last minute. It is high time for the authorities to end this cruel practice and allow the prisoners to seek judicial review of their cases from the Supreme Court” as Hassiba HAdj Sahauoi, Middle East and North Africa Deputy Director at Amnesty International had acknowledged.

It is worth noting that the relatives of the prisoners and several well-known Human Rights activists had gathered in the front of Rajai Shahr prison for hours before that their loved ones be executed.

By: Kaveh Taheri