Prisoners Are Being Persecuted in the Central Prison of Zahedan

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Baloch prisoners are being tortured with the lack of medicine and no serious treatment by clinic of prison. The prisoners must buy medicines at their own expense from pharmacies, while, medicines are deal for much money in the black market of prison.

Those who cannot buy costly medicines are deprived of therapy and medicines in the Central Prison of Zahedan.

An Intelligence service official, Yousefi, is the chief of prison clinic who is not educated of medical, and He decides whether a prisoner needs treatment. He refuses the treatment of prisoners that are sentenced to be executed.

Political and criminal prisoners are suffering of severe malnutrition. Neither quality nor quantity of prison food is favorable and standard. Prisoner's food serves at 13:00 noon, but it being delayed until 16:00 afternoon and the dinner serving postpones until the late hours of the night.

Prisoners cramped in the small confinement that they cannot sleep well at night, or there is no sufficient space to sitting during the day. Hallways of prison are crowded and full of prisoners; they have even rested nearby the bathrooms.

Many similar reports have been received from other prisons across of Iran such as Adel Abad, Urmia, Karoon, and Vakil Abad which are in the same condition.

Source: Human Rights Activists For Democracy in Iran

Translated : Kaveh Taheri