Saber Mokhaled Mawaneh Is Executed in Iran

 Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Saber Mokhaled Mawaneh, a political activist, is executed by gallows in the hallway of Urmia Central Prison; He was transferred from solitary confinement to execution on 6 Jan 2015.

Saber had been arrested by Intelligence service affiliate to revolutionary guards corps on 10 July 2012. He was accused of war against God and the state (Moharebeh) of collaboration with one of the Kurdish parties after spending three months in prison.   

He was transferred to Urmia Central prison after all objections of his detention; nevertheless, he was sentenced to death in the accusation of acting against national security and cooperation with one of the Kurdish parties by Appeal Court.

Saber was one of the hunger striker prisoners in 12 ward (darya) of Urmia prison in order to protest for independent political ward and to stop the inhuman attitude of prison officials.

According to the research of Campaign in Defense of Civil & political Prisoners, there are misrules and injustice in the interrogation process and trail of many political prisoners such as lack of the lawyer rights, torture and harassment. Judiciary System of Iran reportedly had not done independent research of trail, and their verdicts were affected by revolutionary guards corps orders.  

By: Kaveh Taheri