Suicides Rise in Iran

 Tuesday, December 29, 2015 1:34:12 PM

Recent reports indicate that a 25 years old's corpse was discovered in Resalat Square in capital of Iran, Tehran. The Public Relations Headmaster of  Tehran's Emergency Hospital, Hassan Aabbasi, confirmed the news and said that "we cannot comment on the suicide reasons" which spread in social networks.

Also recently, two young girls, named Paria and Rava, had committed suicide by "pellets of rice" after being released from Welfare Organization, news agencies said. Paria passed away, but Rava was hospitalized and is alive, BCR Group has learned.

Omid Narooi, 38, who was sentenced to death for alleged drug-related crimes, had reportedly ended his life through hanging himself after spending ten years in Zahedan prison. His father Hussein Narooi was apparently hung by gallows in 1992.

In recent months, the suicides of adolescents and young people is causing some concern. Five students in different parts of Iran have committed suicide and lost their lives, in last months.

The teen girl, Zahra Abadian, committed suicide by hanging herself on September 23, 2015. Zahra, 14-year-old, died as a result of suicide in her brothers'  house on Wednesday.

Shahla Taheri, 30, had poured oil on her body and her husband Nariman Balian, 41, to burn themselves as a self-destruction, according to the reports. Shahla lost her life in the hospital a day after the suicide and her husband, 80% burnt, was faced with the risk of death. The event had allegedly occurred in Resalat Town in Kermanshah city on 29 Aug 2015; the neighbors had acknowledged that poverty was the cause. It was the second incident as "self-immolation" in Kermanshah Province (the Kurdish region) in just three days.

An inmate, Ali Mohammadi, was transferred to the hospital as a result of constant unstable health condition. Mr. Mohammadi, a prisoner jailed in Urmia prison, committed suicide on Thursday night-6 August 2015 and was taken to the hospital according to the news.

Younes Asakereh, who had two children, had been transferred to Taleghani hospital and kept in the special care, whereas, the authorities had tried to prevent any gathering in front of municipality office in Khoramshahr city according to Dahimi's report received by the BCR Group.

Younes, 92% burns, was transferred by aircraft to one of the hospitals in the capital of Iran at his own cost. Finally, Younes died because of severe burns on his body.

Another Ahwazi Arab citizen, Omid Rashedi Amiri, died as a result of severe burns when he attempted suicide through self-immolation on September 23, 2015, BCR Group has learned. He, 36, had allegedly committed suicide by burning his body in the trade union building of the Ramshir City (known as Khalifeh by Arabs) to protest against his unfair dismissal from the Bureau, local activists said. He, married with several children, was transferred to Taleghani Burn Hospital (Burn Center in the capital of Khuzestan Province, Ahwaz) after the tragic suicide. Center officials said that he died because of severe burns to the important organs of the body on September 24, 2015.


By: Kaveh Taheri