Bakhtiyar Memari Is at Risk of Imminent Execution

 Tuesday, March 10, 2015 7:56:49 AM

He was taken to an unknown location according to the reports.


Bakhtiyar Memari, 37, a Kurdish political activist, was arrested on the charge of membership in Komoleh party by Intelligence Service officials in Marivan city on 2010.

Bakhtiyar was transferred to Sanandaj Intelligence Service office after the arrest, and convicted to death by Revolutionary Court of Marivan which chaired by Judge Lotfi on the accusation of Moharebeh Through the membership of Komoleh party on 2011.

The Kurdish prisoner was caught-up by officials to an unknown location that could be allegedly suspected into solitary confinement. There is no obvious detail reported confirming his condition according to the story that his acquaintance said.

He had explained his excruciating prison life through a detailed letter which previously intercalated by the Campaign in Defense of Civil & Political Prisoners.

“I, Bakhtiyar Memari, am a student. I have been just detained due to criticism of the excruciating life of Kurdish citizens in the Kurdish part of Iran. In the view of Iranian centralized government being Kurd, Arab and Baloch is considered as a sin or crime”.

Human Rights activists have expressed concern about the rise of violations against ethnic and religious minorities since the tenure of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979.  Many Kurds, Arab and Bloch are arrested due to their race or ethnicity according to the reports that have received daily by Human Rights activists.

The Human Rights reports have heed the total number of the executions in Iran, that 658 people hanged in 2011, 518 people in 2012, 665 people in 2013, 721 people in 2014 and more than 220 executions have been carried out in 2015 till this moment.

On 2013, Human Rights activists reported that at least 16 people were executed on the charge of Moharebeh (enmity against God) including eight Baloch prisoners hanged in Retaliation for the murdering of dozen border guards along the border of Iran-Pakistan.

Meanwhile, more than 27 Sunni Kurd prisoners are on the death row on the charge of Moharebeh, propaganda against the regime and acting against national security in Rajai Shahr prison as the reports mentioned.

The six Sunni Kurd prisoners were executed on the similar charges that cued above by the Revolutionary Tribunal earlier morning on 4 March 2015.

Hereof, Mona Oudeh, an Ahwazi activist based in London, has recently  remarked in an interview with Al-Sharq Newspaper that Ahwazi citizenships especially the women are violated and forced sterilization, exclusion, persecution and cultural genocide in the south west of Iran.


By: Kaveh Taheri