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Tuesday, June 9, 2015
Iran: 11 Inmates Hanged by Gallows
Monday, June 8, 2015
Iran: Two Women Hanged by Gallows
Thursday, June 4, 2015
Rasoul Hardani Started a Hunger Strike
Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Negar Haeri Was Called Again to the Prison
Ali Salanpour Returned to the Prison without Treatment 
Atena Daemi Was Sentenced to 14 Years Imprisonment
Dozens of Ahwazi Were Arrested in Funeral, Iran
More than 22 Balochs Were Killed and Wounded, 2014-2015

Balochs' Demo Protest in Frankfurt

Meysam Roodaki Is at Risk of Imminent Deportation

The non-ending prosecution of Ahwazi Arab civilians intensified by the occupying security forces

Adnan Rahmat Panah again Was Sentenced to a Year and Six Months Imprisonment

Brutal Torture by Intelligence Division of Iran's National Police Force, Iran

Majid Moghadam Was Sentenced to Six Years Imprisonment

Mostafa Daneshjoo Was admitted in C.C.U

Three Prisoners Were Executed in Urmia, Iran

Brutal Attack at Political Ward of Rajai Shahr Prison

Baloch Citizens Persecution Is Being Continued in Pakistan

A Cross-Border Carriers Was Killed by Police shooting, Iran

Bakhtiyar Memari Is at Risk of Imminent Execution

Iran's Regime has Executed 22 Prisoners within 12 Days

Saeed Balochi Was Executed in Chabahar Prison, Iran

Mass Abduction in Balochistan, Pakistan

Mehdi Khodaei Has Entered His Fifth Years of Detention

12 Prisoners Were Executed in Ghezel Hesar Prison, Iran

Iran's Elite Student in the Prison

Persecution of Labor Activists are Being Continued in Iran

21 Prisoners Were Executed within one Day

Six Sunni Kurd Prisoners Were Executed

Four Dervishes Lawyer were released from Evin Prison

A Hunger Strike Was Started against the Inequitable Decision of the Regime of Iran

Six Sunni Kurd prisoners are at Risk of Imminent Execution

Iran's Bloody Decades

Unknown condition of Mohammad Yousefi

Critical Condition of Atena Faraghdani in Gharchak Prison, Iran

Zahed Mirzaei Was Executed in Central Sanandaj Prison

Two Afghan Activists Are at Risk of Deportation from Sweden

Nine Prisoners Were Executed During a Week in the Prisons of Iran

Critical Condition of Roham Barkachizadeh in Evin Prison

Human Rights Defenders at Risk in Iran

Critical Condition of Baha'I Citizens Is Being Continued

Three Prisoners Were Executed in Central Urmia Prison

Saman Nasim Was Transferred to Solitary Confinement

Mass Arrests have continued During the Rouhani Presidency

Detailed Report of Exiled Prisoners in the Prisons of Iran

Three Prisoners Have Started a Hunger Strike

Deterioration of Human Rights in Iran

Shahram Pourmansoori Was Transferred to Solitary Confinement

Abolition Death Penalty of a Prisoner in Karoon Prison

Mohammad-Reza Pourshajari Was Transferred to Solitary Confinement

A Farmer Was Killed by Commando's Crossfire
33 Sunni Kurd Prisoners on Death Row

Two Baloch Citizens Were Killed and Wounded

A Baloch Political Prisoner Was Executed in Iran

Critical Condition of Atena Daemi in Evin Prison of Iran

Detailed Report of Long Time Imprisonment in Iran

Dervishes' Accusation Was Confirmed by Supreme Court of Iran

Ignorance of Authorities to Vahid Asghari's Complaint Against IRIB

Ali Salanpour Was Retuned Back to the Prison

White Torture- Gradual Death Is Iran's Prisoners' Fate

Raped, Abused and Accused of Disclosure Raping Teen Volunteer Soldiers, Iran

Detailed Report of Death in Prison, Iran

Report of Addict's Death in Drug Treatment Camps, Iran

Detailed Report of 33 Prisoners of Mahabad Prison, Iran

Vahid asghari Was Sentenced to 18 Years Imprisonment

Hamid Babaei Was Denied for Health Treatment

Saied Shirzad Unknown Condition Is Still Being Continued

Unknown Condition of Majid Moghadam Is Being Continued

Arash Sadeghi Has Entered His Fifth Month of Detention

Atena Faraghdani Has Brutally Been Taken to Prison

Statistics Report of Human Rights Violations in Sistan and Baluchistan, Iran, in 2014

Christian Prisoners Were Deprived to Attending of the Christmas Celebration

The Condition of Rasoul Hardani Is Unknown at This Time

Saber Mokhaled Mawaneh Is Executed in Iran

The Situation of Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi His Urgent Requirement of Medical Treatment

An 82-Year-Old Baha'I Prisoner Was Transferred to Hospital

At least 30 Baloch Citizens Were Arrested in Police Raid

Unknown of the Detention of Two Baloch Citizens

Medical Release of Adnan Rahmatpanah Was Extended

Farzad Moradinia, the Labor Activist, Was Released on the Bail

Ahwazi Political Prisoners Hunger Strike Is Being Continued

Two Youth Baloch Were Arrested

Syria- Land of Bloodshed and Epic!

Mehrdad Aminvaziri Has Started a Hunger Strike

No News of Mohammad Amin Agoushi after Having 7 Days on Hunger Strike

Augmentation of the Period of a Christian pastor Imprisonment

Iranian Christian Converts Detention is Being Continued

Prisoners Are Being Persecuted in the Central Prison of Zahedan

Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi who is Under Secretive and Successive Torture "White Torture,"

A Facebook User Has Been Sentenced to 20 Year in Prison

Serious Outbreak of Clothes Lice at Rajai Shahr Prison of Karaj

Mohammed Parsi Was Summoned to Serve the Remaining Imprisonment Term

A Christian Woman Is Arrested on Christmas Eve in Iran

Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi is in Urgent Need of Medical Treatment

Excruciating Condition of Adnan Rahmat Panah in Prison

Critical condition of Farbod Yazdani, 17, Baha'I Citizen in Prison

Critical Condition of Arash Sadeghi

A Fifteen Years Old Student Was Severely Beaten by Hose

Two Christian Citizens Were Released

Is Capital Punishment the Panacea for Crimes?

28 Executions during 9 Days in Iran

Two Sunni citizens accused of Mofsed-e-Filarz

Intensified Pressure on 29 Kurdish Prisoners

Adnan Went to Prison to Serve the Remaining Imprisonment Term

Supplementary report of Majid Moghadam detention

No Bench for an Elementary School in Iran

Majid Moghdam Is Arrested

Other Place on the Globe; Education of Children in Montenegro

Yalda Pazhoohesh Was Arrested by Revolutionary Guard of Iran

Slaves and Omen Seller on Street

A Sunni Prisoner Sayed Qasim Abesteh is in Danger of Kidney Failure

A Kurd Prisoner Location Still Unknown after Being Arrested

A Student Was Transferred to Operation Room that Was Beaten by his Teacher

continuous persecution of Iran's borders   tradesmen

Animals Should Have Rights Too!

Arash Sadeghi's detention was extended

Adel Abad Prison in the city of Shiraz

Excruciating refugee life in Turkey

Denial of education and occupation in Iran